While SPARTA was more or less developed from scratch, a few code components were adapted from other codes and modified for use in SPARTA. Such adaptions are highlighted by comments in the respective code files, but for completeness, the developer would like to acknowlege the following contributions:

  • The tree search algorithm and the gravitational potential tree-based calculation were adapted from Peter Behroozi’s ROCKSTAR code (see repository and code paper).

  • The Peano-Hilbert ordering in the domain decomposition module was adapted from the ART code by Andrey Kravtsov and Douglas Rudd (see, e.g., Kravtsov et al. 1997 and Rudd et al. 2008).

  • Some routines in the cosmology module were adapted from the CosmoCalc code by Matt Becker

Finally, Benedikt Diemer would like to acknowlege the generous support of an ITC fellowship and an Einstein fellowship at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and at the University of Maryland. The majority of the code development was completed during those years and would not have been possible without long-term funding.